All of our trainers have a clear federal background check.

All of our trainers have been trained and certified under the strict guidelines of Abraham, our Master Dog Trainer and founder. 

Rose, Packleader and Certified Leadership Based Dog Trainer

Rose served six years in the Air Force as a training specialist and NCO.  she was then honorably discharged. after she was honorably discharged She accepted an Army ROTC scholarship.    

After completing her degree in Mathematics and Computer Science, she spent three years as an officer in the Army Reserves, followed by 23 years in I.T. as a software developer and data architect, and ended her career as a Senior Technology Manager.  During this time she fostered and rescued many dogs. 

Wanting a change, Rose decided to become a dog trainer, a profession that she knew she would love.  Her hope is to help pet owners, not only understand how to train their dogs, but also how to become the packleader.  She still fosters and trains rescue and shelter dogs to make them great candidates for adoption.